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Palmyra Family Medical Practice
Life Works Centre of WA
27 Bruce St, Nedlands,
Western Australia

Phone: 08 9384 7272
Mobile: 0405 732 144

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With Total Health.... Life Works
We help you to help yourself.
By stimulating your bodies own ability to heal itself, using movement, touch, energetic and neuro-science. This empowers and skills you to take control of your health and life!

We help many people to re-pattern their brain, emotional, physical, chemical and behavioural responses. Reduce stress, remove subconscious 'blocks' that hold you and your health back.
You'll then be able to access your natural gifts and develop your Whole-Brain intellectual abilities consciously.
Many of which have been hidden until now.
Neuro-Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology, Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Applied Physiology, Natural Nutrition and Chinese Accupressure
Counselling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Psychotherapy & Dorn Spinal Therapy are also available
from qualified practitioners on request!
We are happy to travel to country and regional areas to teach, run clinics and share
our specialised skills.

Private Clinical Sessions as well as

Accredited Training Programs:

Brain Gym & Learning Styles for Schools and Communities

Stress & Movement within the Corporate work place 

Specialised Training programs to suit your needs are a speciality of ours!

Hello! I'm Lee-Anne MacLeod

I consult privately from Medical Surgery in Palmyra and our clinic in Nedlands in Western Australia.

I also train Internationally Accredited training groups from a therapy centre in Nedlands.

My specialty is Neuro-Kinesiology. I also use Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Educational
Kinesiology, Primitive Childhood Reflexes, Natural Vision Therapy, Applied Physiology,
Rhythmic Movement Training, Naturopathic Nutrition, EFT (Emotional Therapy) and other natural therapeutic systems.
Working with Babies, Children, Teenagers, Adults and our Seniors.

*There are no medications or herbs offered.*

What an absolute joy and privilege it is to watch so many people grow into their natural gifted abilities.


1. Autism
2. Swim Time improved 30% & Exam Marks Improved 30%,
3. A special teacher's insight from her classroom use of Brain Gym!
4. Benjamin's Story - Global Delay

1. Autism

One recent example that comes to mind is the case of a young three year old, autistic child whose developmental growth had been halted at 18 months of age. She hadn't spoken, made any significant eye contact or had any real awareness of those around her, (including her mother), which of course was heart breaking for those who love her.

At her first visit, we cleared an emotional trauma. Immediately after her treatment, this little girl spun around to me, looked up at me with a big smile and outstretched arms. I picked her up and greeted her. She then looked around to find her mother and called, "Mummy"! Her mother broke into tears, as her daughter walked over to her for her first 'real' hug and contact for 18 months! "Welcome to the world dear little one!"

After three months of treatment, this developmentally delayed little girl is catching up quickly. She makes lots of direct eye contact, conversation, creative play, social interaction. She has also found the classic "NO" of a young healthy child.

The best news is that she is no longer being classified as Autistic!


*Jo, is a top National swimmer. He was having great difficulty focussing on his study, had large anxieties about not achieving and was failing exams. Even though he'd just won a National swimming title, he was constantly injured, always exhausted and no longer enjoying his sport, school or social life. He was depressed and considered in the 'at risk' adolescent group by the school psychologist, lacking motivation for anything even socially. He felt that his only option was to 'give up' his studies even though he was a very capable and intelligent person.

We concentrated on turning Jo's self esteem and school studies around first. We knew that the renewed success here would also increase his happiness and motivation in the pool. After a few sessions, we'd cleared a lot of the emotional and neurological 'blocks'. He began to feel more confident in all areas of school as the anxiety reduced and marks lifted. We continued working and it wasn't long before he was feeling happy, motivated and succeeding academically again.

We began to look at and work on his swimming strokes. It was obvious that he was losing power in the last 30% of all his strokes. The same 'lost' 30%' and 'completion' pattern that we'd discovered in other areas of his life. In one session, we corrected two strokes and Jo's times instantly improved 30% in the pool. (His coach drug tested him, not believing his sudden speed increase, energy and relaxed smile.) NOTE: Stress restricted the full function of his 'power' muscles. This was simply 're-patterned and restored!

This young man is now feeling happy, self confident, achieving highly with his school studies, swimming and all other areas of his life. The missing 30% 'patterned' in his subconscious mind was like a failure 'switch' that was hidden and uncontrollable.
*(Name changed to Jo to protect his public profile)

This is not an uncommon story in my clinic. Often we have destructive unconscious patterns of stress, that keep repeating themselves. We become frustrated, lose efficiency, often resulting in poor communication, relationship problems or break down and failure in other areas of our lives. Many Learning difficulties and stresses in our worlds can be simply discovered and removed leaving us free to be relaxed, successfully, happy, have great relationships and to enjoy our gifts.
3. Teacher Karratha and former Principal Eneabba Primary School WA
"My experience of Lee-Anne Macleod's teaching within our school was inspiring.� Her delivery was personal, fun and tailor made to suit our 'small town school' community. She taught us Bin Gym 101 adapting as she went to our�many questions�with the passion of an experienced teacher who knows how to work with teacher's, children and parents in the most efficient, effective and fun manner.� I would highly recommend�this gifted teacher to any school, parent or student.
Gene Croft,�July 2005
4. Bejamin's Story by Liz Holmes, Reg Nurse, Karratha, WA

"We have an adorable, affectionate and happy Globally Dyspraxic son Benjamin. He has been attending Occupational therapy, Speech therapy and Physiotherapy since he was 18mths old when he first began to miss developmental milestones. His progress was slow but steady. He has also suffered from chronic ear infections and had grommets inserted and removed.

He exhibited a high level of motor activity and the Paediatrician suggested the possibility of ADHD as part of his long term picture. He actively sought physical contact almost continuously often using us and anyone available including complete strangers as climbing poles and very seldom sat still. His concentration span was short and variable and he woke often during the night disturbing the whole family's sleep.

A new teacher of one of Benjamin's siblings Gene Croft, who had had experience in teaching a Dyspraxic student over a number of years suggested I try Brain Gym and referred me to Lee-Anne. Being a Registered Nurse/Midwife and Intensive Care Nurse I thought I had a reasonable medical understanding of my son's diagnosis, and had never heard of Educational Kinesiology. Both my husband and I researched The Brain Gym websites and I spoke to some parents of Dyspraxic students who highly recommended the treatment.

Prior to meeting with Lee-Anne I read extensively texts she referred me to on Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour and felt for the first time in almost 4yrs that I had finally discovered the key to unlock our little man's potential. Somehow all the therapy we were so diligently attending too was frustratingly slow as if we were missing a vital link in the chain for what he needed.

On initial assessment Benjamin was highly excitable, mobile and difficult to pin down for any length of time, but by the third session with Lee-Anne he was visibly more relaxed, calmer within himself and actually lying still for her to manipulate and treat him. I certainly don't understand the magic Lee-Anne works on any level except to say that it has made a profound difference to Benjamin and our whole family. Since his third treatment he has slept through the night, a priceless development. This has had immeasurable positive effects on us all. He even wakes up happy now which he never did before seeing Lee-Anne some two months ago.

After only five short sessions with Lee-Anne, Benjamin's active seeking of constant sensory stimuli has ceased. His concentration span has increased markedly which has opened up a whole new world to both him and us. He is currently making great developmental gains in every area. Nothing short of a miracle! He is now wired to have all the therapy work as it was intended to. We are continuing a daily regimen of ten mins of Lee-Anne's specialised exercises with him. Most days he asks for and thoroughly enjoys these. We are so grateful for the opportunity Brain Gym and Lee-Anne's partilar use of her specialised Kinesiology skills, has given us to maximise Benjamin's potential."

Liz Holmes, August 2006


Key people & challenges I help:

Stress, ADD, ADHD, Autism,
Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Global, Developmental and speech delay, CAP, motor skills, Cerebral Palsy, learning difficulties, Sensory Disorders, Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, Stress, Health and Emotional issues

... as well as helping Elite Athletes to achieve, business people to reach goals, and nagging injuries to heal. Improved 'flexibility', 'times' - 'stokes'; swim, golf, tennis, hockey ... for athletes.

Internationally Accredited Training Courses Taught:
(For detail, see the Brain Gym & Kinesiology Course Links on the Left side of this page!)

* Brain Gym 101 - (Educational Kinesiology)

* Visioncircles - (Educational Kinesiology)

* Optimal Brain Organization - (Educational Kinesiology)

* Touch For Health 1, 2, 3, 4 Synthesis

* Touch For Health Proficiency Assessments

* Touch For Health 5 Element Metaphors - counselling

* The Touch For Health Workbook - assistance and assessment

* Rhythmic Movement Training

* Various Mini Kinesiology Courses - including working with animals

* In-Service Specialised Training Courses


For efficient Stress release, management and support for
special, life enhancing work with people with Learning Difficulties
Enabling a greater level of Physical, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing.


Early Childhood Reflexes support our survival and may also underlie many difficulties we experience in our daily lives. If early reflexes are unsuccessfully integrated, this may greatly affect our health, behaviour, concentration, learning, vision, hearing, speech, balance, coordination and growth eg; School progress or inability to integrate socially.

These children and adults are often labelled as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexic, Autistic, disruptive, lazy, defiant, violent or uncooperative despite constant effort by the child, parents and teachers. Current evidence often points to non integrated (E.C.R.) factors.

To cope efficiently in their daily life takes large amounts of energy and they are often tired and lack motivation due to these fundamental difficulties being unresolved.


Individual or group sessions in Kinesiology & Brain Gym to assist:
*Children, Adults, Families, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Professionals, teachers, Therapists, Business & Corporate Groups*

To enhance your life from simple stress release, effective goal setting, Elite sports training, Dance or health improvement, to the more fundamental E.C.R. as above!

Lee-Anne MacLeod is a proud West Australian.
Her Joyful spirit and excitement for life add to her tremendous creative drive to inspire her best and best potential in others in every moment.
Her passion for working with Kinesiology, Dance and children directed her attentions to also create 'Fairy Ballet'. A system of training children with stories, delight and magic that is supportive, nurturing and empowering of the individual.

* Utilising the latest brain research in human movement with Neuro-Kinesiology, Kinesiology and Brain Gym *

Twenty Five Years plus of Experience and Study of Childhood Development and Needs for Joyful Learning.
Lee-Anne Personally Develops Programs to Enrich, Build Confidence & Enhance Educational Skills, physically, emotionally and mental health and abilities.
Using love, fun and neurological developmental skills with non-hurtful, respectful, holistic healing methods. Her therapy is always non invasive and gentle.

Lee-Anne MacLeod
Dip kines Dip IH RSKP Specialist RAKP Adv ARAD CSTD Accredited Kinesiologist, Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym, Touch for Health Practitioner & Advanced Trainer. Professional Member: AKA, IKC, Edu-K International Foundation, Edu-K National Network, Touch for Health Instructors Assoc, TFH & Rhythmic Movement Trainer, Developmental Therapist, Professional Kinesiologists Assoc. WA. Lee-Anne is also the retired chair f board of directors for Brain Gym / Edu-K network Australia
as well as the retired Chairperson of the National Board of Directors of the Australian Kinesiology Associaion, AKA,
(The governing organisation of Kinesiologist within Australia).

For Enquiries Phone: Aust - 08 9384 7272 - Mobile: 0407 383 635
International - +61 8 9384 7272

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